Think about air transport in most cases is thinking about transport of passengers.  And it is understandable as in 2014 there were performed around 84 million flights in which 6,7 billion passengers were transported.  

But air transport becomes also irreplaceable in terms of cargo shipments where time and reliability i deliveries are most important. In 2014 airlines transported in total 102 million tons of goods. 

PCS offers the highest class of logistics solutions for pharmaceutical industry. We are specialized in particular in transports with control of climate conditions and pharmaceutical distribution in thermoboxes.

We understand that our clients might have urgent request to send express shipment which needs specialized treatment in controlled temperature. Offered solutions concerning air deliveries as well as aircraft charter are characterized by the highest quality and safety.

In air transport PCS guarantees:

  • flexibility to client’s needs and expectations
  • connection of air solutions with road solutions (door to door)
  • tracking of shipments on-line
  • highest standard of service during entire logistic process
  • cooperation during the service with only the most renowned airlines

Air tracking